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About Me

I would welcome the opportunity to visit with you and discuss your health journey and teach you how herbal and holistic therapies historically and traditionally have been used for wellness. This is a family business where my Husband and Sons and I will be at the herb shop to answer general questions about our herbs and products. If you have an acute/chronic issue we recommend that you make an appointment for a consultation to better be able to find out what herbs and holistic therapies would be best for your situation.

About the Community

WE SPECIALIZE IN: Helping people use herbs and holistic modalities for Fertility, Hormone Balancing, Menopause, Children's Care and Pregnancy!

"It is our hope that the herb shop will be the local hub for other alternative and holistic educators to come and share their wisdom and knowledge of holistic health to our great Waco community!"

**** It is true, millions of people have found herbs to be complimentary and/or alternative solutions to modern pharmaceutical drugs. With over 3,000 years of written history, herbal medicine is still used today successfully through out the world and in some countries as their primary form of medicine. Herbal and Holistic Medicine can be used for preventative care, acute and chronic ailments and to maintain overall good health. Please seek the advice of your doctor before starting and new herbal or alternative medicine.