As a Holistic Clinical Master Herbalist I am able to help you in many ways but I am not able to give medical advice, diagnose or recommend you quit taking your current medications.

I would welcome the opportunity to visit with you and discuss your health journey and teach you how herbal and holistic therapies historically and traditionally have been used for wellness. This is a family business, we will be at the herb shop to answer general questions about our herbs and products. If you have an acute/chronic issue we recommend that you make an appointment for a consultation to better be able to find out what herbs and holistic therapies would be best for your situation.

Service Prices

Wellness Consultations (Offering office/phone/email Consults)

Supplement Testing$15
15 Minute Followup$25
30 Minute Followup$50
1 Hour Session$100/hour and up

Detoxification & De-Stress

Infrared Light Wave Sauna$30/30 min.
Bio-Mat Infrared Therapy Bed w/ Sound Therapy$30/30 min.
Ionic Foot Detox Therapy$30/30 min.
Castor Oil Pack Session$35/30 min.
Ear Candling$40/30 min.

Energetic Balancing

Energy Balance Therapy$75/hour
Meditation Therapy$75/hour

Herbal Compounding

Dry Herbs/Teas Blends$10/oz.
Smoking Blends$10/oz.
Herbal Extracts$18/oz.
Suppositories$30/24 caps

Lions Paw Therapeutic Massage

Integrative Massage

30 min.$35
60 min.$65
90 min.$95

Deep Tissue Massage

30 min.$45
60 min.$85
90 min.$135

Shiatsu Message

Shiatsu Massage$75/60 min.


Aromatherapy Consultation$50/30 min.

Peppermint Foot Treatment

Peppermint Foot Treatment$35/30 min.

Massage Add-ons

Aromatherapy Add-On$10
Paraffin Add-On$10

Healing Hands at the Village

Therapeutic Massage

Therapeutic Massage 30 Minutes$35
Therapeutic Massage 60 Minutes$65
Therapeutic Massage 90 Minutes (with Salt Stone)$95
Add-on - Salt Stone to any massage$20

Crystal Energy Healing Massages

Includes 30 minute massage, crystal healing net, boost metabolism oil blend, guided meditation, and intention candle. $75

The Healed Heart-
30 minute massage, heart healing crystal net, Healed Heart Recovery oil blend, guided meditation, intention candle. $75

Master Healer-
30 minute massage, Master Healer oil blend, Master healer crystal net, guided meditation, healing intention candle. $75

Alignment (Chakra Balance)-
Chakra reading and balancing, sound and crystal healing, Kuanite Alignment oil blend, alignment candle, and guided meditation. $60 // Add-On 30 minutes for an additional $30.

30 min. massage, meditation crystal healing net, meditation oil blend, guided meditation, OM intention candle. $75

30 min. massage, Fertility crystal healing net, Sanitas healing blend and Kyanite Alignment blend, guided meditation, Fertlity intention candle. $75

30 min. massage, release crystal healing net, Shed releasing oil blend, guided meditation, peace intention candle. $75